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When I was in college, I drove the “JOY” bus on Sunday mornings picking up kids and bringing them to church.  We sang a song explaining each letter:  Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between.  That’s a basic biblical principle that was supposed to help the kids keep the proper perspective.

As an adult, that song is still a reminder to help me keep my priorities straight.  It’s very easy to sing the song, but there are times when it’s very difficult to put Jesus first (much less others before ourselves).  I can get so busy “living life” that I forget that God put us here for a purpose – to seek and save the lost.

Sometimes that means we have to reflect on how we prioritize our life and make sure we’re not missing opportunities that God presents to us.  In 1 Cor 9:22, Paul clearly shows his heart for the lost when he wrote:

 “… I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.”

 Let’s do our best to have a heart for the lost and thus fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

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Going Rogue


Years ago my dad promised my son a vehicle. It looks like it will be this Nissan Rogue. Now he says he’s “going rogue” – I think Sarah Palin beat him to it.

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Pretty as a Peach


Spring flowers are really pretty, and these pink peach blooms are no exception.

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West Monroe, there you go…


Some friends are headed to Baton Rouge, and they decided they would make a detour –  to West Monroe to take a gander at Duck Dynasty’s facility.  Who knows, they may run into some of the gang at the local McDonald’s.

I really like the show – Si is probably my favorite – that’s a fact jack!!!

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Welcome to my new site!


Welcome to the new site of…  well me.  I have several animal and nature pics, so I hope you enjoy viewing them.

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Getting dissed by my son


I’m getting dissed by my son because my blog site looks a little too sappy. Well all I can say is make your own, and we’ll compare, big boy!!!

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